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Friday, January 22

Ash and Rain

The days of rain have me thinking about seasons of life. A poem that has been comforting to me in times of struggle is by Masahide. (Thank you! Lauralee Farrar)

"Barn's burnt down
I can see the moon."

My mind swells with imagery...

Prized possession, gone. Livelyhood taken. Everything I put my future in, up in smoke.
The ash flickers in my face; I brush it away like gnats. The hot wind stinks up my hair and discolors my garb.
But mostly, ash. Light as a feather, dirty as addiction, and like cinnamon ~ impossible to clean up.

Then, it rains. And rains. And rains. The ash turns to mud. Thick, gray, quicksand mud and it, lava-like, buries everything it touches as it creeps my way.

I hold my hood on - my raincoat is too big so I get wet anyway. The wind rips it from my back, an open parachute in the Chicago.
My feet are stone in the murky tide. I'm going to die... no, really. I'm going to die.

The rain stops. Sky clears, no longer rancid with wood/hay/manure smoke or dirty with haze. And I, like Shadrach, stand. I am unwounded but quite scarred. I am naked and clean and wet. I am not cold.

I am free to begin again.

I see something in the ash! Green. Ah.

Monday, June 9

Myth and film and MIT.

[MIT Film Philosopher/performer Irving Singer defines myth as "an expression of the human spirit which is capable of being done in literary works, in film works, in other works of art.
I don't use the word myth in the connotation it often has, which means that its false.
mythology has always been a philosophical effort.
Without technique there is no meaning and without technique film is simply an exercise.
Myth is story, not scientific. Math is not myth, physics is not myth, although it has myth in order to describe it.
What are the stories that mean so much to people and how to they delve in humanity in a way no other thing can?"]

I have been listening to the uTunes Irving Singer MIT lectures in Film and Philosophy. I am kinda of suprised with how elementary the lectures are. Perhaps you need to do that for 18-23 yr olds who go to a very scientific school. He asks who had heard of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and no one raised their hand. WHAT!? Then, he asked about Amelie and one person has seen it.
No one knew who was Benigni - Life is Beautiful (which is more understandable to me, not many people have heard of this)
But Psycho?! COME ON PEOPLE!

One very cool part was that he is going to have them watch "Washington Square" and "The Heiress", which is a Henry James novel that turned film that turned Broadway play, in which I played Catherine (the female principal) about 5 years ago! (He is an opera buff too! He referenced Britten and A Turn of the Screw - neat!) That was fun to hear that Irving Singer thought this was worth lecturing on - I think it is, but hey, I am me.
He also will be lecturing on Pygmalion - the musical version is My Fair Lady.

Anyway, I haven't been having very stimulating intellectual moments lately, and so I have been feeling kind of dumb lately.
Thanks to MIT, I now feel smart again - since I knew all the stuff Singer was talking about in his lectures. I think I will email him, just for kicks to see if he'll respond to me - ya never know.
It feels nice to know I could handle the academic material at MIT. At least in Film. *wink*

Friday, June 6


I have obviously changed the look of the blog. I like this one better.
I am trying to figure out ways to get "up and running" with my business while waiting for P to finish the website.
I figured I could start writing or something, to give him stuff to post. Maybe he will believe me then when I say I want it to work. I haven't really given him much reason to think that I want it up.
Anyway, I don't live in LA anymore, as all of the people who actually check in on the blog from time to time already know because we all know each other anyway - for the most part.
In San Jose, wanting to rebuild vocal/acting/performing studio. Getting serious about career in the arts.

Help a sista out. If you know someone who wants to be good {in the arts} or learn something new {about themselves}. TELL THEM TO CONTACT ME.

I thought of a tagline that I think I like.... tell me what you think of this:

Michelle Markwart Deveaux
Private Instruction: Public Confidence

I am trying to think of another word for "Confidence" that gets at what I mean more directly and artistically. So far, I am eluded.

Monday, November 26


I discovered that aside from a living tree (a tree in a pot), a cut tree is the most sustainable, fair trade option for Christmas-treeing.

So, we purchased a 6 foot tree from Shawn's Christmas Trees on Wilshire and 23rd here in Santa Monica. I really like that we were able to purchase one that was grown in Oregon (not Costa Rica!).

The reason a cut tree is best is because here in Santa Monica, we can take it across the street to the Park and have it mulched for compost!
I would have preferred a potted tree but the closest nursery that was selling them is 15 miles away (anyone in LA knows that means it is 2 hours away!) and you need to have a yard to plant it in after the season is over - which we do not have.

So now P and I are in the process of figuring out what the advent and Christmas season means for us in terms of theology and lifestyle, and in terms of decorating.

The fun and stress of a new marriage lies in needing to find those things that will be part of our traditions and celebration of holidays!
So far, we have come up with symbols like angels, stars, nativity scenes, and music to be used... but we are still coming up with it all.

Monday, November 19


I am looking for a sustainable Christmas Tree option for this Christmas. Can you believe I can't find a tree in the immediate area that is either Living (in a pot)or made of Recycled material.


Wednesday, November 7

Response to Uncle

Recently I posted on a toy that glorifies what I feel are unfortunate gender roles. Uncle respectfully responded, essentially asking (or at least what I heard - and we all know that never gets confused!) if this was worth the worry considering several global devastations that concurrently exist.

It got me thinking about why I care about the former and rarely post on the latter.

After a couple weeks of thought, and being witness to a recent HEATED debate, I have come to the realization that I generally feel quite unable to contribute to the successful solution of "ending the war" (just as an example) while I feel like I CAN be a successful part of the solution in gender role issues and the like.

I enjoy seeing moments of "Ah-ha!" and since I do not get the privilege of seeing those in the context of politics, I usually focus on things like faith, culture, arts and education.
In my current work, I have the joy of seeing "ah-ha" moments in issues like gender roles and embedded theology. So those are the things I talk about. I know it, so I talk about it. Generally, it's best to not talk about things you don't know about - so unless I have already done significant research and can substantiate my claims - I just don't talk about it.

In the wise words of my mother:
Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, then open it up and remove all doubt.

So while I care about what I perceive as a world wide ridiculous political situation, I don't talk about it much because I just don't know enough about it to have an intelligent conversation.

Perhaps this is sad and unfortunate, but hey, aren't there enough people out there talking about it in all their uninformed glory? I'd hate to take that away from them.

Tuesday, November 6

Oh good! It's worth it!


Things I Can/Can't Control

My alarm clock time
My oven
The speed of my car
My mouth
How much TV I watch
The people I let hug me
The people I let hurt me
How fast I type
How slow I walk
The color of my hair today and tomorrow
The smell of my breath after coffee
My pants size
The vegetables I eat
Where I spend my money

What time it is
Pizza ovens at Bravo
The speed of the internet
GWB's mouth
What the kids next door watch on TV
The people whom I hug
The people whom I hurt
How fast monkeys type
How slow opposums walk
The color of the lilies of the field
The smell of Paul's breath in the morning
The pants industry
The vegetables our neighbor's kid eats
Where UMCOR spends money

What time you wake up
The temp of your oven
The speed of your process
Your mouth
What you watch on TV
The people whom you hug
The people whom you hurt
How fast you type
How slow you walk
The color of your hair - ever
The smell of your breath after chocolate
Your pants size
Your veggie plate
Where you spend your money

Ahhh. Freedom.

Tuesday, October 23


If you think that our society is become gender aware and equal then check out this.

Dang I hate hate hate our society sometimes.

Why doesn't this product come in BLUE huh?

Monday, October 22


I did it folks. I purchased the domain name
Now all I gotta do is research and decide how to get this thing off the ground.

The same thing is happening to me as usually occurs - I have so many ideas and so many directions to go that I wind up standing frozen in possibility, unable to tap potentiality.

(I don't think potentiality is a word - but I am not getting the red squiggle of death, and it sounds kinda nice in the "reader's internal voice" so I am keeping it in.)

Any thoughts on the subject are greatly welcome by comment or email.

The goal is to eventually have two blogs - personal and professional. toomanycds would stay its wonderful quirky and annoying self, while faithculturekiss would express my academic and consultant side. Which may wind up being just as quirky and annoying - who knows?! But there is the adventure! Huzzah!

I wish we lived in a world where they could mingle, but alas, emotion never seems to be quite as welcome as objectivity.

Completely hilarious to me, considering that most objectivity in culture is highly subjective and presented in overly emotional ways.

Gotta love it! SO ANYWAY -
let me know what you think?! Graphic Designer friends - now is your time to PIPE UP!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16

Lies the pharmacy told me...

DISCLAIMER: This is a harsh post. It has foul language markings. I know it. I considered softening it up, but then I felt like I was lying. I have several good friends who are on/have been on chemical birth control. I love you all. I don't think you are stupid, I am optimistic that you have discussed all issues with your physician.
I am not against birth control - I am against lies the drug companies tell us about what is good for our bodies. My intent here is to pose a question that will GIVE women BACK their sexual freedom, rather than leave them in this current state of pseudo-freedom which I believe chemical birth control enables and maybe even intensifies. Oh yeah, this post is also too long. Thanks a bunch for reading.

Once again, the prescription drug companies have convinced us that we need to put chemicals that could kill us into our bodies all for the sake of convenience. Fabulous.

Up until Vatican II (1964), birth control of any form was frowned upon by the Catholic Church. At the risk of over simplification, people of the Church were asked (told?) not to use birth control of any kind because it was stopping God’s natural intent/order of intercourse into babies from occurring. We (humans) are commanded in the book of Genesis to procreate, and birth control essentially stops that from happening. Which in some cases - is really good.

I think birth control in the form of a condom or FAM (my favorite! which requires you to actually pay attention to your own body) is a damn good idea – the gruesome image of a woman with a coat hanger stuck inside her or a family with one more mouth than paychecks could sustain come to mind and make me reach happily for a pack of Trojans. (latex - remember I am a vegetarian.)
Before I was married, that image just made me keep my pants on. What a concept.

However – there are forms of birth control out there that I think take a couple steps too far. The culprits?
The Ring
The Pill
The Patch

See the pattern? Yup. All chemical drugs that infiltrate your body and basically convince it that you are already pregnant or that something is wrong with you and you should not be pregnant, and therefore, you don’t get pregnant.
I know, I know, these things are so much simpler than those awfully annoying 3 extra seconds it takes to put a condom on.
And don’t give me that “it ruins the mood” bull because finding out you have cancer or a bleeding cystic uterus kinda ruins the mood too. AND if you can't stay in the mood because of a condom interlude, then your idea and of sex and what it is and what it is for or about could use a serious overhaul. Educate yourself on the subject of the sexual revolution and then tell me who you think it was really beneficial to - women or men? (Bunny trail! Quick! Get it!)

I think it really hit me hard today while watching TV and seeing an ad for a new pill, Seasonique. Sounds pretty doesn't it?

This ad (see it here) has two sides of the same woman talking about taking the new pill.
Let’s ignore - for the lack of space - the obviously offensive idea that woman have to be one or the other (logical or emotional) and that decisions are made in such a way.
BUT let us consider the fact that this new pill will give you only 4 periods a year. Hmmmm.
No uh, I mean, that's great, right? Knowing that our lives as sexually active, getting exactly what we want (or what our male counterparts want?) when we (they?) want it women (men?) are totally inconvenienced and horrific because of – wait – here it comes – NATURE.
COME ON WOMEN OF THE U.S. AND EUROPE! (We all know that these special chemicals are not available in those poor, sad, emerging world cultures. Yes, sarcasm.)
GET OVER YOURSELVES! AND SUCK IT UP AND HAVE A &*@)((^% PERIOD! And tell your male-ies to keep their pants on for a week and have a bout of intellectual intercourse.

Don’t we understand? Have we been that misled? The fact that we HAVE periods in the first place means that we are HEALTHY. Cramps, my sisters, are indicators that our bodies are doing what they are supposed to do and cleaning out the system so that we can healthily prepare for – yup – getting pregnant.
The harsh reality is that WOMEN’S BODIES MAKE BABIES.
Another harsh reality: It is a sin against God and humanity that patriarchy and misogyny has turned that truth into venom by turning women into baby-making machinery (with no other ability, talent or skill).
But that is another discussion all together – we can have it when we talk about the stereotypical television female persona idea or my thoughts on the fact that women know little to nothing about the menstrual cycle in general.

Hey, I see the point for *ahem* health - I too get bad cramps. I am usually in bed for a day or hopped up on chamomile tea and, yes, I admit, the occasional ibuprofen. But I think those cramps are worth knowing that my body is doing what it is supposed to do when it is supposed to do it. On top of that, I get to cross these worries off my list:
blood clots
heart attack
bleeding cystic ulcers

I am not condemning those who use chemical birth control for the sake of convenience - much. But I am asking what I think is an important question:

Are we lucky to live in a time when sexual freedom is enabled through chemicals, or have we been hoodwinked into thinking that sexual maturity is about spontaneity and immediacy rather than responsibility and patience?

Friday, October 5


I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny and I will have my day in the hot sun.

Tuesday, September 18

A little embarrassing...

Yeah. July 8th. Last post. ummmmm....oops.
I haven't posted in far too long. I don't really wanted to go over the last 2 months in detail. I guess part of the reason I haven't posted is because I feel overwhelmed that I should post the details of the last 2 months and don't really want to.
Wow. I wonder where THAT totally random, has nothing to do with anybody, painful pressure comes from. Can't be MYSELF.

A couple highlights:
1. So Anny-Bannanny got married on Sept. 7th - to Ray. Such a wonderful day - lots of work though. Anny is now a Mom! And her kids are fabulous.... Paul and I got the pleasure of hanging out with them while festivities were being planned and finished up.

2. Paul and I are going on a retreat with our new friends at SMFUMC this weekend. We will be wine tasting and sharing space and getting to know each other and I like that!

3. Mom and Dad Markwart are hosting a reception for us at the end of the month - so much fun! And we get to go the A's game on Friday and Dad's play (he is John in Arsenic and Old Lace)

4. Going to Mark and Jen's wedding this Friday! Wahoo!

I have learned that post's that are too long are boring and no one will read them, so I am gonna quit while I am ahead.

Oh - pray I get an awesome part time job that pays great and uses my skills and leaves room for theatre!!

Sunday, July 8


I can't believe TWO shows have been up and down since my last post! Great Divorce went very very well, except for the usual second night sloppies.
Last Friday - the 6th - Charlotte's Web hit the ground running and the cast did wonderfully. Who knew such small kids could be so awesome. They blew me away!
Tomorrow I start production on two casts of High School Musical Review. I rewrote the script to accommodate the 36 person cast I will have for one of the casts!!!
That show will go up on July 20th.
On July 23rd, I go into production of Aesop's Fable The Lion and the Mouse. That cast will be 5-7 year olds! I can't wait to work with them!

AND since my last post, Paul and I have moved to Santa Monica and P-Dog started his new job at the church.
We are getting to know our area and have a great hang out called The Counter. Come on out and eat there with us!
We are so grateful that we have been lucky enough to pursue our goals - we are not fool enough to think that this is the norm.

Thank you Jesus. Really.

Wednesday, May 23

The Great Divorce


This Friday and Saturday night, May 25/26!

I have directed a stage adaptation of The Great Divorce by CS Lewis....

please come out and support the cast and crew - here are the deets:

Friday May 25 and Saturday May 26

Travis Auditorium, Fuller Theological Seminary
180 N Oakland Ave
Pasadena, CA 91182

Doors open 7pm - general seating
Show at 7:30pm

No Charge..... suggested donation $5.

See you there, right?!?!

Tuesday, May 1

Bomb Scare. Please.

SO last night Fuller had a bomb scare. Apparently, there was a box in the HR building all day and some person thought it was ticking. Freaked everybody out. The campus and a 2 block radius was shut down to all traffic - foot, car, etc.
Fortunately, or unfortunately - depending on how you look at it - it was nothing. Just a box of papers and clothes. Or so I hear.

Here is what gets me. It is along the same sad lines of the VT thing.
Except of course, those of us who pay money to be here or are married to someone who pays money to be here.
BUT if that really was a bomb and it blew up. Whattya know? Fuller would be the apple of Pasadena's eye... the heart of Pasadena... the life blood of the community.
Oh Please.

I am honestly struggling with these questions:
How does the church properly respond to "community disasters" in distant places?
What is the appropriate response for people who are not in the affected community?
When is national mourning appropriate and when is it a load of crap?

Ideas, anyone? Seriously... this is bugging me pretty deeply.

Sunday, April 22

Why Wicked was perfect

Since my post on Wicked, I have been asked to describe why it was "perfect" and "the best show ever".
SO, always up for a challenge, I'll try. But I am going to do it in chunks.

The first chunk being a response to Mr. Ben. Stupid Law my friend: read the liner notes of your CD before you talk about the show. :)
OF COURSE it doesn't sound Wicked!
A couple of reasons why follow:
1. Dramatic/Poetic Irony in the story
2. The entire show is NOT on the CD on purpose because several songs have "spoilers" in them.
(see - that is only a couple of reasons - I know the difference between "a couple" and "a few")

I would like to talk about point 1.
Wicked the musical is based on the theme of Wicked the book, written by Gregory MacGuire. It's a pretty good read. Not great, but definitely worth the time , especially if you like The Wizard of Oz and "why things are the way they are" stories. I am fan of this genre. Go Rudyard Kipling!
Anyway, the whole point of the story is why the Witches of Oz are who they are and how they got that way.
The dramatic irony is - not a spoiler as far as I can tell - is that the people who are "Wicked" are not really the "Wicked" ones, and the "good" are not "good."

The musical is a much more concise version of the book, with some significant changes from the book, but tells the story VERY well. It is actually like they are two different takes on the same story and both wind up being solid and respectable and pleasing in their own right.
The book is darker and more detailed (of course) and has a lot more political/social commentary. There are more dark moments, more sadness, more painful realizations.
The musical is a musical... come on folks.... a musical. 'Nuff said.

Stephen Schwartz wrote the stage show, btw, and really outdid himself musically. I can hear some themes that he tends to use in all his shows. A couple "power ballad" chord progressions... see "Meadowlark" from The Baker's Wife and "Defy Gravity" from Wicked - you will hear similar thematic melodies and changes. Love it.
Overall, however, he brings a fresh spin to the characters and weaves the musical themes between the characters with finesse and musical skill. Not an easy thing to do. Sondheim did it really well, so did Webber - but he is kinda lame in the story area.

Ok I am tired and want to think about other things so I'll get back to this.

Wednesday, April 18

Something is just not right....

Ok. This is going to be a dangerous post. Its gonna be dangerous because I think I might offend someone - or a lot of someones - so just hang in there.

I think what happened at Virginia Tech last Monday is horrific. If you care for language as much as I do, you will note that it is not tragic. Well, it was tragic for the shooter... Something is tragic when you bring terrible-ness upon yourself. For example - a car accident is only tragic for the person who caused the accident (and it usually involves some irony, too) - not all the other people who died/were hurt.

Anyway - I digress.
I am honestly in a state of confusion about the reaction to Virginia Tech. I want to grieve with the people who have lost their friends, family, loved ones. I want to be sad and mourn. I want to hurt with other hurt people.
But I can't. I never can when crap like this happens. Why? Because I always feel like mourning in the United States is bastardized by people who are removed from the situation.
I feel like this nation is a nation of emotional rubberneckers - we all stand by and point and stare and look and want information and pretend we support but few of us get off our asses and fly ourselves to Blacksburg (did you even know that VT was in Blacksburg?! I didn't!) to actually help clean up the emotional aftermath.
Paul was reading the New York Times website this morning and they have an "interactive walk through the shooting" link where you can follow the path of the shootings.

I am deeply concerned when I see 20 people outside my office scrounging for information about what happened with an air of "I'm training to be a psychologist... I must discuss with all my friends why such a thing has occurred", I am torn when my boss asks me to put CNN on the campus network for the school to watch the same footage over and over again, I am offended when I hear people tsk-tsk-ing about VT, and not once thinking about the reality that 80 people were killed in Iraq yesterday - or the thousands of Americans who died Monday due to drug overdose, cancer, heart disease, fires, old age, more shootings, suicide.

I do not believe it is our place to "jump on the mourning bandwagon." I believe it is our place to actually mourn. To BE torn and shocked and angry. This looks more like silence than gossip. Right now, USA, we look like gossips.
How offensive we must seem to a devastated community when we come in with our TV cameras and our news reporters to "get the story" instead of help them through the story.
You know what this does? It turns young people into marketers of grief - it does not teach them how to cope with the reality of grief.

The same thing happened with 9/11, with Katrina, with Columbine. We stood back and made judgments about who, what, when, where and when we felt we had enough information, we collectively forgot about it. Of course, we didn't forget - we CAN'T forget... and we should not forget. But somehow to continue talking about it as a nationwide community seems passe - seems irrelevant - seems... well... dead.
Virginia Tech - forgive us. We have failed you by caring for you just long enough to get the goods and get out. Forgive us for mourning with fingers pointed and heads shaking.
Forgive us for not truly experiencing your grief, but watching it from afar.
Forgive us for not helping.
I am able to find peace with Virginia Tech through the English professors' poem. Virginia Tech will mourn. Sigh.
Now - can we mourn with them, rather than at them?

God... help us all.
Help VT.
Help VT's community.

Tuesday, April 17


A group of us saw "Wicked" the musical Sunday night.
I think it was the best show, overall, that I have ever seen.
Anyone who knows me knows that statement says a lot.

I think it is the only show in my life that I can walk away from saying
"It was, literally, perfect."

I stand in solidarity with my friend Ryan who made this simple comments:
"I am still reeling."

This is why I love and praise God. That God makes people who can make stuff like this. That God gifts people to gift others by giving them createdness....
Some people say, "If you don't believe in God, look at the world around you." I say, "If you don't believe in God, go see Wicked and tell me how all that talent - from visual images, to lighting, to sound, to character acting, to singing, to dancing, to set building, to costume design - could combine without an instigator and creator."

The theatre saves my soul.

Friday, April 13


Ariel reprimanded me for not having a link to my brother's blog on my link-list.
"What kind of sister are you?" were, I think, her exact words.

Well, if it is any consolation, it's there now.

Wednesday, April 11

Law and Order does it again!

The episode: "Good Faith"
The premise: Churches are getting burned down. Lots of them. Only this most recent one is different. THIS one has a dead body in it too! (Chink-Chink)

The official description of the plot is here:
A church burns and a man is dead. In a series of church burnings, the Detectives Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin) and Nina Cassady (Milena Govich) suspect arson, however this time a victim is found among the charred ruins - the victim is a teacher and basketball coach at a private parochial school. Arson becomes a homicide investigation as the detectives discover the victim was killed prior to the fire. S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterston, Fred Dalton Thompson and Alana De La Garza also star.

So here is the kicker (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!)

The murdered man (Nash) was a science teacher who taught evolution at a private Christian school. The murderer (Reese) is the widowed father of a young woman (Mary) whom said teacher gave a "F" on a paper about creationism.

The murderer/Dad uses this defense (you're gonna love it):
Defense Lawyer Melnick:
"We are asserting a justification defense."
ADA Rubirosa:
"He's admitting to the murder?"
DL Melnick:
"It's not murder if you are trying to save the life of a third party - In this case, his daughter."
ADA Rubirosa:
"Nash was attacking Mary?"
DL Melnick:
ADA Rubirosa:
"We have two witnesses that put Mary at home while Reese was out killing him!"
DL Melnick:
"She doesn't have to be physically present to be in jeopordy.
ADA McCoy:
"Well how could her life possibly be in danger??! What was the threat?!"
Here it is folks:
DL Melnick:
"Divine Retribution."


Don't worry, McCoy's response was mine: "Excuse Me?"
And the DL actually said this:
"Like Many Americans, Jacob Reese believes in an all powerful God who punishes non-believers."
Then a well placed Lot's wife reference.

I killed my daughters teacher because I was afraid that my daughter would experience the wrath of God for loosing her faith - because of what she was learning.
I killed the man to defend my daughters life.
Basically, the character thought that his daughter would literally be struck dead for starting to believe evolution might even be remotely possible

(The real reason of course - because when it's only 10:30 and the killer is caught there is always a real reason - is because she had clamitia from having sex with someone at the school, who Dad thought was the teacher dude. It SUCKS when you get wrongly killed!)

Crazy Christians! Crazy Christians!
I was getting irritated again as I watched this episode - one more idiot Christian being represented as the majority. Damn I hate that!!!!
But then I heard it - the money line.

Someone has been reading my blog!

ADA Rubirosa: (while discussing the defense with her colleagues)
"Yeah, but we come off saying he (Reese) is crazy because he literally believes in Biblical retribution - that plays right into Melnicks hands."
District Attorney :
"Does it? I think people of faith would resent the fact that this guy is trying to hide behind religion."

YES WE DO!!!!!

A sigh of relief washed over me... David Slack, writer of this episode, has heard my plea for some tiny bit of reality when it comes to faith perspective.

My thanks to you Mr. Slack.
Come over for coffee anytime - I can give you more thoughts about the broader less insane viewpoints of Christians.

But that might not make for juicy Law & Order.

More later folks.......

Sunday, April 8


I would like to point out that my blog about the A's and Holy Weekend was prophetic.

Now THAT is cool.

Maybe the A's should hire me as their official "prayer warrior".

THAT would be WAY cool.